Tub To Shower Conversions

Turn existing tubs to a shower with a range of options from shower bases and doors to shelves, curtain rods, safety accessories and more. Easy-access acrylic showers guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Key Features

  • Remodeling or upgrading from a bath to a premium shower.
  • Create a more accessible, barrier-free shower.
  • Everything you need for a full, back to stud bathroom remodel.
  • Hundreds of product combinations from showers and doors to all of the matching bathroom accessories.


BC Single Threshold Shower Base B3 Single Threshold Shower Base
Bellastone™Illusions™ Subway Tile Bellastone™ Illusions Subway Tile
Bellastone™Illusions™ Calcutta Bellastone™ Calcutta Marble
Bellastone™Illusions™ Trendz Bellastone™ Illusions Trendz

One-Piece Showers

Two and Three-Piece Showers

Custom Sized Showers

Alcove Shower Bases

About Us

We are a wholesale bath distributor and manufacturer of acrylic bath and shower wall systems. We work with contractors who are looking to get into the highly profitable business of bathroom renovations and those already in the bathroom renovation business looking to improve their offerings and sales tools. We ship our products across the USA and Canada and look after all of the cross border paperwork for you.