“We have been purchasing our products from Milestone for over ten years now and have enjoyed working with the high quality products and fantastic technology that helps my business stay organized. Additionally, the new acrylic wall panel styles are loved by our customers!”

- Dan in Ontario, Canada

“We have been purchasing and working together with Milestone for quite some time now. I have been really pleased with the sales technology. The system helps our company run more efficiently which allows our business to grow and become more profitable. All of Milestone’s product that are offered are high quality and allows us to purchase at great pricing compared to other suppliers. The material comes on time and never damaged. The most important thing with dealing with Milestone is the support system in place. They are business owners, and remodelers which allows for a great support team. If we need to discuss sales techniques, marketing strategies, or even process improvements they are always there for support. I would recommend anyone that is not a competitor to work with Milestone Bath Products. “

- Bob in Ohio, United States

“We are a larger bath renovation company and couldn’t be as efficient without the milestone technology. We end up saving thousands per year in product costs AND get higher quality than other acrylic suppliers. Keep up the good work Milestone!”

- Mark in Ontario, Canada

“Since becoming a Platinum Dealer/Distributor for the Milestone Bath Products I believe my business is ready to grow to the next level. With the Milestone Product quality, and vast product line I will be able to meet my customer needs and provide quality solutions for their bathroom whether it is a complete remodel or a bathroom update.”

- Mike in Missouri, United States

About Us

We are a wholesale bath distributor and manufacturer of acrylic bath and shower wall systems. We work with contractors who are looking to get into the highly profitable business of bathroom renovations and those already in the bathroom renovation business looking to improve their offerings and sales tools. We ship our products across the USA and Canada and look after all of the cross border paperwork for you.